Special Effects and preparation
scenographic for your events



The emotion of a sudden snowfall feasible both indoors and outdoors. We create set designs and snow effects, realistic and amazing ice and frost.


Paper snow

We use snowmaking equipment ignited by turbine engines and special materials such as “paper snowflakes”, which are fireproof, non-toxic and biodegradable.


Foam snow

For the realization of scenic designs and the making of special effects in big indoor and outdoor locations we use foam machines with turbines that work interruptedly to produce surprising stage effects of foam snow.

Neve di carta

Effetto realizzabile in interno ed esterno con TURBINE a motore e speciale materiale "fiocco di carta" ignifugo, atossico e biodegradabile.

Neve di schiuma

Effetto realizzabile in esterno e in interno con TURBINE a motore con speciale liquido a SCHIUMA.