Turin 2006 Winter Olympics

Cerimonia di apertura XX Olimpiadi Invernali Torino 2006

Opening ceremony - 10 February

The great skier

The performers have used 50 kabuki manual loaded with white and silver confetti from the scene to simulate the braking skier in the creative framework devised by choreographer Doug Jack.


The biggest snowstorm of paper ever. On the notes of the Occitan starts to snow to create an attractive card of the Alps. The visual effect was achieved in large portal of the stage measures 36 meters.

Technical equipment

We used N. 8 turbine engine installed in American proscenium, 25 feet high. The effect snowfall lasted 2:30 minutes using a special product "snowflake paper".

Test allo Stadio Olimpico

Test at the Olympic Stadium

Allestimento in americana

Technical equipment

Cerimonia di chiusura XX Olimpiadi Invernali Torino 2006

Closing ceremony - 26 February

Italian Carnival

In the segment "Down the mask" created by director Daniele Finzi Pasca were used by 40 artists, acrobats manuals kabuki confetti from the scene and loaded with colorful streamers. A striking effect on the trampoline 30 feet long.

Aurora borealis

An extraordinary visual effect across the stage at the end of the show. A series of explosions burst of paper have been developed around the Moshpit while simultaneously throughout the stadium a magic snow card down on the spectators.

Technical equipment

For the execution of this special effect (the largest made in Italy) were used 60 machines and turbines, operated through an advanced computer control system. Were made for the special occasion with custom printed confetti round the slogan "Passion lives here"

Allestimento turbine

Preparation turbines

I coriandoli tondi personalizzati

The confetti round with custom printing


  • Buyer: K-Events/Filmmaster
  • Location: Olympic Stadium, Turin
  • Test: Ex Steel Ilva Turin

Our numbers Olympics

  • Staff: 23 technical operators
  • Preparation: 5 months
  • Kabuki Launchers: 100
  • Turbines: 28
  • Cables: 1000 m.
  • Throws: 500 (including the tests)
  • Confetti and streamers: 1000 kg. (which 330 kg. Custom)

IX Paralympics

Opening ceremony - 10 March

Cerimonia di apertura IX Paralimpiadi - Torino 2006

Scenographic with festive confetti and giant balloons. The special effects were achieved on stage and the audience with Kabuki machines, gas turbines and latex balloons.

Technical equipment

Allestimento moshpit

Moshpit equipment

Allestimento palloni

Balloons equipment

Closing ceremony - 19 March

Cerimonia di chiusura IX Paralimpiadi - Torino 2006

Great effect in the final Medal Plaza in downtown Turin. The dancers have used manual launchers loaded with special paper in the shape of a butterfly. To achieve the effect of "rain petals" were used 10 gas turbines located at various points of the square.

Technical equipment

Allestimento turbine

Turbines equipment